The Event

Since their families are so spread out, Maui and Signe wanted to be able to see and celebrate with their wedding guests for more than one day. To accomplish this, they booked their wedding on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Now my task became what to use as flowers when they would need lots of transport, could not be live due to heat and international nature of the trip, and I needed to do so with my newborn baby in tow.


The Challenges

I put on real pants, loaded up my one month old and we all headed to Michael’s craft store. I had played with the idea of crafting paper flowers, sewing felt flowers, or finding another alternative crafty idea. Silk flowers won and for an hour we played with them. Which color best matches the dress swatch Signe had brought? How shiny would this flower selection look in photos? Will I be able to arrange a bridal bouquet with the metal and plastic stems and not have it be too heavy?


The Joy

The uncertainty of using silks and pushing myself to get out of the house with my sweet, sweet baby was so worth it when I received the final dress fitting photo. Signe was holding her gorgeous bouquet looking stunning and grinning ear to ear. I have not seen someone with such a HUGE smile, not to mention the way her eyes were all lit up. Then came the hair trial photo. The silk flower hair clip sat perfectly nestled into her up-do. Finally, came her Washington state civil ceremony. Blue jeans, hoodies, and a huge flowering plum tree, but she was still holding her gorgeous bouquet. The bouquet that had been shipped to Florida, used in a wedding, ridden a cruise, crammed into a suitcase to make it home, and survived living with a curious cat. It made me so so happy to know I was able to so successfully contribute to helping make her wedding vision a reality!