The Event

Kelly & Courtney’s wedding was at the Museum of Flight, which gave their guests access to the museum exhibits and had a really neat room surrounded by windows overlooking an active runway. The table centerpieces were cleverly Marvel and Star Wars themed with my whimsical flower arrangements as accent pieces. By whimsical I mean the brides expressed an interest in a daisy wild flower look that included lavender and corkscrew willow.


The Challenges

I needed these bouquets to be light and airy but still full enough to look like bouquets. Remember I’m trying to balance that just picked from a field look with polished and wedding ready. Turns out working with curly twiggy branches, there’s lots of room for getting tangled up. Also I needed more baby’s breath than I anticipated to fill out the arrangements since the main flowers (daisies & lavender) aren’t bulky.


The Joy

I’m knelt down on the floor trying to figure out placement of arrangements and organize my supplies when one of the gorgeous brides comes up to me. She hands me a pair of their wedding converse and asks if I would join her wedding party! Now, please understand this how our friendship works. I said I was hers for the day to help in any way I could. While I did not expect to be in the wedding party, it was a turning point in our friendship. It meant I had clearly chosen the right dress for the occasion (yes it had pockets and matched the wedding colors perfectly), but also that she felt a deep trust and a bond, more than just being the neighbor girl.