The Event

Gratitude and giving are part of the joy of the Christmas season! A wonderful tradition that Don, the owner of BelRed Energy Solutions, has is throwing his employees a Christmas party to remind them how appreciative he is of their efforts through the year. For the 2016 & 2017 seasons, I’ve been lucky to be part of the Bel Red accounting team and these delightful December brunches held at the Edgewater Hotel. Did I mention yet how I got to create beautiful holiday centerpieces for folks to take home with them??


The Challenges

Setting up for the brunch is always tricky. I want to make an impression with the centerpieces and accent arrangements, but evergreen boughs are not known for being debris free and this year I had an infant to feed to boot. So as the hotel staff are scurrying around with last minute table and room preparations, I’m doing my darndest to contain my setup mess and to get it done before my munchkin needed to be fed!


The Joy

The wow factor this past season hit me when I took a step back and seeing how stunning the Ball Room looked. My six week old son and husband were happily chatting with my favorite coworker and I had created flower pieces with delightful character and festive charm. Don gave a moving speech recapping how much we as a company and as individuals had accomplished this past year. It was the first time after many sleepless nights I was recognized as a person beyond being a feeding mother. My floral design talent gave me a glimpse of who I was before motherhood anxieties and fatigue.